Never before has a fruit caused so much debate and controversy in my family.

Unripe, but edible

I got this fruit, ‘Buah Mentega’ (Butter fruit) I was told by the seller at the Tutong Tamu, and tootled back home. When I presented my gatherings to my mum, and told her what it was, she flatly said ‘NO, that’s not buah mentega’. (In cakap Tutong plg tu). Okaaaay I said.

Later that evening, my older brother tried and liked it, and agreed it wasn’t Buah mentega. ‘Buah Mentega’ apparently is the local avocado. Then came my sister who couldn’t care less what it was called but quietly finished a whole fruit- none the wiser after she had done so.

Dad disagreed with both mum and yours truly and said it’s called something else (I forget) and argued it’s a wild jungle fruit. So there you go. I waited 5 minutes to see if the fruit would revert to its younger self, as was the case of Benjamin Butang @ Button, but of course it didn’t. It did leave us all utterly curious, confused and bangang nonetheless.

Creamy-crumbly texture

Heart-shaped halves

Seeds akin to Durian-pulu seeds

Lemme describe the taste and texture of this fruit. The flesh is light orange, slightly sweet, and the texture appears to be a cross between that of the avocado, chiku, persimon, except it’s ‘sticky’ in the mouth, much like cream cheese. Actually, it does taste like chiku and persimon somewhat. In short, it’s a very interesting fruit indeed.

But if indeed this is “Butter fruit”, perhaps it should be eaten with the “Bread fruit”.

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