At the risk of contradicting myself (see previous post), I must confess that I have a weakness for one particularly colourful treat, the Kek Pelangi or Rainbow Cake.

Maybe it’s the colour. Maybe it’s the flavour (extreme vanilla). One thing for sure is that it has a Kryptonite effect on me, all the time, without fail.

Someone I know said to me that Kek Pelangi is a “kek biasa-biasa pakai minum patang” (a normal tea cake), and she added that it’s not quite in the same league as the popular Kek Tapak Kuda or Cheesecake or Carrot cake and the like – seen as more classy or trendy – and served during Hari Raya. Perhaps there’s some truth in what my colleague said, that the fairly recent wave of creamy and fancy multi-layered (not to mention, expensive) cakes has taken a grip on Bruneians.

But I like Kek Pelangi, which you can buy in a Kadai runcit for a $1 for decent slice, or at the Pasar Malam (ants optional). I like Cheesecake and Carrot cakes and Tapak Kuda too, but somehow they’re not quite what I can have, or even want, for my morning or or afternoon tea on a regular basis. And no, you don’t get Kek Pelangi during raya nowadays, but I do remember having them with Kek Kismis and Kek ‘Marbal’ during raya visits not too far back in time.

I guess I’m just a nostalgic person. Or maybe I just like simple unpretentious things (-or people, for that matter). I like good old-fashioned cakes – the real stuff, you know.

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