makan lagi…

It’s first day of puasa… and uploading all these food pics is not doing me any favours…  Banar plg this blog was originally intended to highlight local foods, but im going to be liberal on that front and post pics of all kinds of interesting food that cross my path and get eaten along the way.  I do have a pile of pics of Bruneian delicacies waiting to be uploaded, but apparently they need some editing first. So wait. But here’s a few things that didn’t survive our encounter yesterday.

Roti Kawin, Teh tarik

Roti Kawin, Teh tarik

Hmm u can tell i’m new at this.. cant bloody find the settings to rotate this pic!  This breakfast combo was consumed at UBD Foodcourt.  Ignore the half-eaten piece you see put back on the plate… my drinking partner hasnt graduated from charm school yet.

Below are what we devoured at the Korean restaurant in Kiulap over lunch. These little plates are appetizers consisting of sweet sesame achovies, blanched spinach, egg omellete, lotus, sweet potato, radish kimchi, proper kimchi and savoury longbeans. Tasty.

Korean appetizers

Then there was Kimchi prawn spicy soup.  Main course was Kimchi fried rice, and Beef and scallion pancake.  Really nyaman…

Kimchi prawn soup

This kimchi fried rice was really good. I think there’s a hint

of ghee used in it that gives it that distinct flavour.

The pancake is nice and crispy.


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