Mian atin…

More gastronomic delights… it ain’t French cuisine, but tastes just as good, if not better!

Teh tarik India! Not your ordinary teh tarik that’s just tea and milk ‘pulled’ to create froth similar to that produced by Amy Winehouse when she ODs… No, no, no… Teh Tarik India is a work of art, a layer of clay orange tea sandwiched between pure white milk, and a generous layer of creamy froth. Shame we have to destroy the beauty for us to enjoy it at breakfast, or tea, or lunch, or tea again, or late afternoon minum session, or dinner, or late nite supper lepak sessions…

I’m also partial to strong black Brunei Coffee, just the right acidity and body… beats your Blue Mountain hands down… Brunei coffee is mainly produced in the Dusun villages of Tutong.  They’re sold in the corner shops in understated packaging for about $3.80. Wicked stuff.  Also nyaman is Roti Bom, something I’ve just discovered recently. I’d seen it on menus eveywhere, but never had the courage to try it till a few weeks ago.  It’s basically your normal roti dough with melted butter, sugar and kaya (coconut and egg jam). The result is a sensationally sweet goo that oozes between the crispy hot roti skin.  This one I had as Asbah Tutong.

The following I had for dessert at RBC Seasons. Front left to right: Bingka Ros (Rose pudding), Fruit cake and Bingka Keladi (Yam pudding). Rock melon and water melon to finish.

Ani Nasi Katok di Waterfront Foodstalls in Tutong.  Coconut cream rice served with sambal belacan, fried little achovies, fried ground nuts, hardboiled eggs and a piece of fried chicken. All for a dollar!!

The same stall sells Cendol.  Little green worms that float in a creamy sweet sauce. Normally available during puasa, but this favourite can now be found in many restaurants all year round… it’s an … err… ‘evergreen’…  Another delicious version has palm sugar (gula anau) added.

‘Indomie’ is simply the tastiest instant noodle ever! It’s almost a national dish in Brunei, but I know for sure, this is the staple food in most school hostels. A bit of runny egg, and spicy baby clam would make it a bit more interesting.  Note Teh Tarik in frame.

This vespa is inedible of course, but i’ve put it here coz it’s my baby. An original 1962(?) restored Vespa shipped in from Bangkok. It’s got a sister that’s Pink in colour lurking in some garage somewhere in Panchor Papan, Tutong.  She’s just as good looking as this one.  I fell in love with the Vespa since I saw Jamie Oliver ride it- so that’s the remote connection to food here.  I met Jamie near Christmas 2004 in London and I shook his hand. Really nice down to earth bloke. Didn’t really say much to him coz i was a too starstruck to meet my idol.  He sold his off for some charity, but then he bought Habana Asprillia. Lawa. I want one too.  Check out my baby’s sexy behind.

More food pics next time.


5 responses

  1. I was here! Heheh lawa eh ur vespa at least she is much better look than her pink sis. Nyum Nyum miyan gala! Next time if you want to try other foods, don’t forget to imbit jayi!! ciao!

  2. Wow~~ interesting blog Zam! Yummy yummy, though it snot helping me at all at this time since im fasting at the mo’ oh well~~ i like the description you give to them food, makes me mooth wooter.

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