My weapons

I seldom leave the house now without these two trusted gadgets… My white and lime green Sony Ericsson K660i mobile-camera phone, and a matching lime green Sony Cybershot T2 camera which I got for my birthday recently.  They’re central to this blog, as they’re what I use to get these fantastic pics of food I post up here. Credit where credit is due I say…  this is an ode to my favourite toys…


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  1. hehe sorry, but i’m very mulo…comment kana off pun majal jua kan comment

    I have yet to have jelid this puasa..sekajap nganya kanyangnya kali tu eh..perhaps that’s why mesti makan before nasi..either that or klw makan nasi dulu krg keraja d utan, jatuh punggur(sp?)

    aha the much debated topic of soto- i get the mixing of beef and hati buyah (lungs ni, pasal byk air holes haha), it’s the mixing of different meats (i.e beef and chicken) yg inda..i dnt really know why…mcm makan pancakes with maple syrup and rashers at the same time..

    p/s: text wrapping nya kali probnya gambar ani… mesti inline kali baru nda bertempiaran

  2. FIz. thanks…. the comment off atu I dont know why lah actually… I did’nt ‘off’ it… still trying to get my head round things here actually. Im too embarrassed to ask Mau lagi! last i asked her was about uploading- i cud swear she choked on whatever she was eating at that time!

    As for your ambuyat comment, awu, ambuyat does fill u up sekajap saja, but i think that’s good coz it’s quick to digest… good if you’re on diet (says the guy who seriously needs to be on diet!).

    Why Jelid before rice? I think as with many petua orang tua-tua, there is always a logic to it. Here’s one suggestion: the texture of the ambuyat atu is licak and its water-based nature mean that that it’s easier to digest and would be easy on the stomach. Nasi is ‘heavier’. So you’d be doing yourself a favor by taking in ‘softer’ food first and then the heavyweights. Apparently. Perhaps there is some truth in this. Hadith Nabi pun ada cakp kalau sungkai pakai Korma or buah-buahan manis dulu- that’s coz it’s ‘lighter’ and fibrous and therefore good especially on an empty stomach lapas puasa.

    Beef, hatibuyah and chicken? haha. Only if im at Rosmini/ Rolyani- coz the ayam goreng kunyit there is awesome… I mix all three a lot of times more because of INDECISION than anything else- even the mee is KAWIN – I see your point, but ive never really given mixing meats too much thought till u mentioned it. I guess it’s like how some people have cucur pisang with susu manis, and some with frigging chili sauce… i don;t get this!

    Hati buyah is lungs??? oh no!! what if the cow was a smoker?!!!

  3. haha..point taken..indecision is always a good reason to have everything.

    cucur pisang with chilli?! haha..seriously? sweet with padas…interesting..

    anu bah, jatuh punggur is i suppose one form of kempunan kali, tapinya this one comes with makan nasi before jelid. Kan urg dulu2 keraja di hutan, so kononnya klw drg makan nasi dulu before jelid, masa keraja atu likely ada tree branches yg buruk tegugur arah diri..Hehe..dubious jua bunyinya eh, I should’ve asked my nini again one of these days..

  4. fiz. in case you didnt notice, i’ve activated the comments for the latest post, found the button finally. clever me! I’ve never heard of jatuh punggur, but it’s interesting indeed. Be interesting to hear your nini’s version of the story.

  5. kenapakan your photos ani somewhat unfocused and blurry? are u sure ur macro setting is ON? the food is not looking porny.

    yes i think fiz is right, text wrapping kali. try putting the photos in a new paragraph instead of in the same one as the text.

  6. Sad to report that my 3 month’s old Sony Ericsson K660i is en route to Singapore for some medical treatment… Sound dia kurang… couldn’t hear the other party kalau calls… Uweeee……

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