kan mian gala…

Here’s some more sinfully nyaman food…

This is my favourite SOTO  (noodle soup) ever!

It’s Soto Rosmini (if you’re having it at Rosmini Restaurant, Gadong) or Soto Rolyani (if you’re at Rolyani Restaurant, Batu Bersurat).  I like mine with beef, fried chicken, hati buyah (apa ni in English?) , telur mata lembu (fried egg, sunny side up), lots of taugeh (beansprouts) and green leafy sawi. Also loads of Kasturi lime and tear-, if not haemmorhoid-, inducing hot chili or Lada rindu.

My friend had Mee goreng mamak. Apparently Mee Goreng mamak is different from your normal mee goreng.  Mee mamak is supposed to be yellow with only a little soy sauce, but lotsa chili sauce in it. Mee mamak is also quite eggy.  On the other hand, Mee goreng is darker in colour because of the tonnes of dark sweet and salty soy sauce in it.

Nothing beats homecooked food though.  Here’s the different types of ‘beras kabun’ (organically grown rice, usually by village folk) we have at home, usually one of these types alongside the Thai beras wangi.  Im not a real fan of beras kabun, but I’m often attracted by the colour and texture of the different types of grain.

Beras kabun Merah (Red grain)

Beras Keladi (lit. Yam rice, but the reference to Yam is actually due to the purple hue of the rice, which is the colour of yam).  There is white semi-glutinous Adan rice (Adan lamah-liat), and also brownish version.  Notice that my mum insists beras kabun be cooked in a traditional pot (daboh) used only for cooking rice over fire.

The rice go well with these kampung style offerings:

Rabung with Bagu (Bamboo shoots with Bagu leaves);

telur goreng masak merah (hardboiled eggs, fried in red sauce);

Some pickled mango with petai seeds also brings out the appetite.

More veg!  Taugeh (beansprouts) with dried prawn and a bit of belacan and chili.  Aubergine cooked as a sambal is also nyaman, one of my favourites.

The yellow veg is a bit odd I think.  It’s actually Sukun (breadfruit?) which I’d normally have lightly fried and eat as chips, but this one has been cooked into a savoury veg with little pusu.

Ladies fingers or Okra or Kacang Bendir is nice when blanched and served as ulam, dipped in belacan.  A bit of kasturi lime juice brigns out the flavour.

Then of course, my mum always has to have her ambuyat or Jelid.  This is just sago powder that is turned into tasteless gunk when boiling hot water is added to it.  This is eaten using a candas or ‘api’ (a Malay-style tong made from bamboo sticks), and dipped into a sauce usually made from fermented sour fruit. This one you see is Binjai dip (mango type fruit).

Traditionally ambuyat should be eaten before you eat rice. I once received a good telling off from my gran for eating rice and other stuff first, and only then eating ambuyat. There must be reason why we have this pantang, but i’ve yet to find out what it is.

Hope that’s whet your appetite for now.  More next time!

* Maula sa blog ituh, ketabi fotos nih duras… why are the fotos all over the place??


9 responses

  1. Hahaha. No worries with photos yang duras2. It’s okay we still can see. Dr.G bila jami mala try new recipe? Maybe this time, mongolian food kali (yang masak belabuh) or irian jaya foods (uuh miyan org).

  2. Karau jua cakap Tutong si H ani… a bit more practice perhaps, Excellency?? hehe You’re in Bangkok, banyak kali ah soto siring jalan di bangkok atu…!! Nyaman lagi

  3. Rose, i think ji tepaksa special course catering kali lah kalau ju kan nginyam masakan Irian Jaya…! Tapi endo apa, jayi masa ituh itru belajar masakan Papua New Guinea… Steamed Anak Beruang with honey chili. Sehingga menjilat jari kali ah…!! Ji cuba Stir Fried Tapir with pakis lah atin ah…

  4. hahaha.. jiu na.. mian ge tapi jalan.. inda sanggup eh..! lain usul daging yang berlabuian ah… cam belabuh mongolia.. heheh =)

    Btw.. sila lah dtg ke Bangkok.. mana ada rusuhan di mbk.. =)

  5. Hai, i bet ko homesick liat makanan brunei sini ani… hehe asyik-asyik sceret recipe… but i dont mind kalau ko belanja sana lagi.. hehe… missing spicy chicken wings di KFC MBK lah…

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