Syasya’s Barbie

Last week I was at a bbq to celebrate a friends’ baby girl’s 1st bday! Here’s the cake…

Kiut ah the cake..!  Just hope it grows bigger as Syasya grows older… hehe

A Brunei style bbq, in case you’re still under any illusions that it’s anything typical, is not your typical barbie… foodwise at least…

It’s not just chicken drums-turned-carbon, there’s always other interesting stuff to fill your gob, such as..

Ok Ikan salai, not so bad… nice actually, with a bit of soy sauce dip with shallots, bird’s eye chili and lots of lime juice.

We also had  Sup tulang (bone soup).

This is Chicken curry. The cinnamon stick gives it that extra oomph.

These are little fish, sun dried and then fried to a crisp.  You can eat it just like that, the way we did. They were really tasty.

Ada soto lagi tu…   this used the broth from the bone soup, poured over bee hoon, with spring onions, and the tender meat that fell off the bone… (see pic above)

And glorious satay… Satay urat, satay ayam and satay daging served with spicy peanut sauce…

The lontong (pressed rice cubes) was excellent too!  The begedil pun nyaman. These are potato balls with beef or chicken, coated in egg and fried. Not good for the heart, but always good for an empty stomach, esp when dipped in chili sauce.

I’m not sure what these are called, but i bet they belong to the Ketupat family. These are triangular rice cakes with beef filling (or chicken or prawn), wrapped in sweet aromatic pandan leaves. These are obviously the savoury, but here’s another type of rice cake wrapped in palm leaves.  This is sweet fermented rice called Tapai. I prefer it chilled.

And to finish we had sweet egg tart… yum.

So there ya go, not quite your typical bbq- more like a dinner buffet at Rizqun, but for free… hehe… Happy Birthday Syasya..!!

More later.

ps.  I know this was such a lazy post, but felt obliged to upload stuff, but just been too busy with work. No joy.


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  1. This is torturing me! I can almost smell the food in my head! I wanna go back NOW!! Adoii.. Lucky I checked this blog after sungkai. You’re so mean! hehe.. Btw, musim buah temulus kah masa ani? Could you please tapuk some of those lovely pink fruits for me? I love eating temulus. They like the pink and much more delicious version of avocado haha!

  2. Hi Zahra… welcome! hehe Bah balik tah, jgn tah ditunggu lagi di Leicester atu… I think musim temulus plg kali ni, coz i see quite a few di rumah, bali di tamu plg tu…. yes, macam avocado kali ah, yang mudanya lagi nyaman tu kalau bejaruk. But Im missing food from Leicester masa ani… dulu i used to go to Mirch a lot sal sweets/ indian halwa nya nyaman2… but now im really craving for Spicy wings dari Maryland di New Street… huhuhu… NO hints… hahaha

  3. Thanks Ches. Yeah I know Ba Chang actually, but this is the Malay version (or maybe they ARE jus the same thingsaja kali!) – it must have a Malay name… Fiz should know… mana ia when you need her?

  4. apa banar namanya ah? i had these just before puasa masa urg nikah and i remembered discussing the name! i think i insisted on ‘ketupat palas’..tapi macam malaysian bunyinya..bata si tanggang..hehehehe

    oooh..sup tulang..must.dig.out.the.marrow. (marrow kah jua banar? or fat? cz the insides of the bone white stuff selalunya) i’m fat because of my nini boy. he used to pound the bone on the table to get the insides out and we kids selalu terhibur watching this display of manliness..eseh..

    satay *drools* i lub satay! tapinya kalau hari raya mesti satay terjun, it feels homemade that way.. what’s hati kura in english ah? liver?

  5. Lain pulang ceritaku ani. Just to update you. New extension to the Shires was opened last week. Siuk kali ah. Leicester now has Cinema de Lux!! Banyak new shops including John Lewis, Hugo Boss, Zara etc.. New restaurants and cafes pun banyak buka. I tried Wagamama last time. Chocolate fudge cake & lychee sorbetnya nda nampak idung kalau makan haha!! Yummy!! Bah kesini tah.. tapi aku kan balik plg ni hehe.. Btw, selamat bersungkai to all. It’s 11.45am here in Leics.. Another 7 hours to go for my sungkai time 😦

  6. Wagamama!! Wow!! Ure the second person to mention Wagamama to me this week!! Shires siap dah? must really go there eh… know what? I f you jalan2 in the small alleys belakang the pasar/ arcades toward the Chinese restaurant Noodle Pot, you’ll find lots of small English cafes. tapi ada this particular one with maybe 3 small tables saja and two outside in a very tiny square. Walk around there some time.

    Bah ar eyou on Facebook dah? laju tah join.

  7. EXCUSE ME DONT INVOLVE INVOLVE ME CAN???? hahahahahaha sheesh everybody’s a critic.

    begedil is my faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite food in the whole wide world. next to ikan masin. i am drooling just thinking about it.

  8. Mau- Why not eat begedil with a bit of ikan masin? nyaman tu. Jgn tah Potato Souffle with Caviar… coz sama saja rasanya Caviar and ikan masin rumahan…

    Fiz- dembo jiu? patut nada mengomen lagi

    Ches- i got a project coming up involving you. soon.

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