Simple pleasures

This is ‘Sesagun’ / ‘Sagun’.  It’s roasted sago powder with coconut and sugar, traditionally eaten with bananas.  You mash or slice the bananas (Pisang Util, in pic, are my favourite bananas) and coat them with Sesagun and you eat them. There is also Rice Sagun (Sagun baras), made obviously from rice, cooked, sun dried, and milled.  This type doesn’t normally have coconut in it, but ada gula.  I normally go for the Sago-based one, as the powder is ‘smoother’ and melts in the mouth.

There’s flavour, there’s texture. Simple pleasures in life can be sooo good.

Sweet Pisang Util with Sagun.

Now for something non-traditional or unconventional. I sometimes eat my Durian Monthong with Sagun, in the same way you would bananas.  I go for texture. I say, why not??

I dare you to try it!

And this is Sukun (breadfruit?). Sukun is related to the Jackfruit (Cempedak/ Tibadak and Nangka), with the same type of thick rough skin. In my previous post I included a photo of this fruit cooked as a savoury veg.  This is the same fruit shallow fried in butter.  Nice eaten as chips.

These little gems are what I grew up with. They bring back memories…. sweet memories of my childhood. awww


6 responses

  1. Yang biskut atu– are they made out of sagun as well? the round ones, kinda look like a hockey puck, melt in the mouth and kdg2 ada rasa angus?

    Inda bah..hehe..mcm fusion dish jua bunyi nya ah, sukun ani fried in butter..i have got to try those. lain kali rasanya daripada yang goreng in oil.

  2. Hi Fiz. Yes try Sukun fried in butter, Planta to be exact. But dont use too much, sikit saja jus to it doesnt stick to the pan.

    That hockey puck thing is called Kuripit Sagu I think. So it is sago-based. We took some to China the other day and served broken bits and pieces. pathetic.

  3. Hahah awu Mau… you know what? Kan we left China in haste the next day, kudangar dalam Miao Radio News semua participants yang ke Waterfall atu sakit parut keracunan makanan selajur… sal kuih jala kitani… haha

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