Quickie for busies

This is particularly useful for students who are overseas who do not have time to cook- much less the inclination…

Now, it’s a fact that all Bruneians studying abroad will have a rice cooker in their kitchen somewhere.  The rice cooker need not be just for cooking rice saja, you know. In fact boleh buat soups and ‘casserole’ dishes (without the oven).  But if you’re the type to just masak nasi putih in it, here’s something to add variety. It was a random creation, don’t know what it’s called but i cooked this many times in Leicester. I lived in a studio with NO KITCHEN!  So I improvised a lot.

1. Measure and wash your rice grains as per normal, but add a tad extra water.

2. Throw in roughly chopped large onions, garlic, chili, ginger.

3. Add some chicken stock powder (or veg/beef stock).

4. spoon in some butter or minyak sapi (ghee).

5. Add some spices, anything lah: I used a bit of jintan manis, cinamon stick, corriander, star anise, but you must have turmeric/ kunyit powder (1 small teaspoon- for colour and taste). At least, some Turmeric and Black pepper, or a bit of curry powder.

6. If you have chicken breasts/ wings/ drums (but not too chunky- karang inda masak dalamnya!), coat these with a bit of garlic/ginger paste- and throw into the pot. Alternatively if you have leftover chicken from your takeaway last nite or cooked chicken from Nandos, Maryland, KFC, McDonalds, McIndian (awu- this really exists in Leicester!) etc, masukkan saja ( i used nandos chicks a lot). OR use Chunky Carrots/ veg.

7. Cover and cook as per normal.  Gaul/ kacau the rice say halfway into cooking, and just get on with whatever you have to do as a student there… like PS3-ing, online gaming, e-baying, sleeping, blogging writing essays, whatever…

It really is simple- throwing in stuff and leaving to cook.  Kalau sudah masak you can add celery pieces and sprinkle with fresh corriander leaves. In the end, you get Briyani-type of dish, with chicken/ beef in it.  Cheap, simple, quick and easy… and it doesn’t even have a name!!

It should look something like this pulang…

(pic IS Nasi Briyani, courtesy Pinkpainter.WP)

Oh by the way, I never killed anyone in the process- both my guinea pigs Hazri and Shahrin are still alive and kicking now… i think… i hope…


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  1. Wow- aku pun lupa udah about the green curry. Made the curry paste from scratch tu dulu… tesliur punya pasal tepaksa lah experiment sendiri… nasib nada org parai keracunan. Green curry… rrgghhhhh….

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