Sungkai Arab

Pardon the innuendo, but last week I was invited by my Egyptian friend for a spot of sungkai at his place. I’ve always loved Arabic food, and I was met by some glorious home made grub. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Meatballs (Kofta?)

Mince pie

Shredded roast lamb

Roast Chicken

Roast potatoes

Tomato and Cucumber salad

Al-Ruz, or rice with pine nuts and served on a layer of bread.  A dish for special ocassions.

These are Mahshi. They’re little rice parcels with minced meat wrapped usually in Vine leaves, but in this case, cabbage. If you looked carefully you’d just be able to make out the individual parcels.

By far my favourite arabic dish, Okra in tomato puree.

Braised tender lamb.

Desserts! This is Konafa with pistachio filling, and below is Mamboushi(?), sweet semolina with almonds.  Nyamaaann~….

So that was my Sungkai Arab… Yes we have some middle-eastern restaurants in town, but I’ve always said best foods are home cooked. These beauties were.  I’m looking forward to a Hari Raya invite now…


9 responses

  1. Hi Imran. Thank you! Hope my description of arabic food here has done it some justice. Drop in some other time for more local food pics n info. cheers

  2. Hi Qalbi. That’s the whole point! You of all people should know how much i loooove food! heheh Wonder if you have pics of food we had in Perth dulu masa makan your place heheh

  3. Unfortunately I did not have the digitized copy of the food you cooked for us in Perth (which makes my sis craved for them whenever she looks at the photos!). I actually miss you cooking for me! he…he…(hint…)

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