Sabi Ula mian Seafood

Was 1.30 am. Craving for teh tarik. Drove to Bandar from Tutong. Saw crabs, kerang and yang sewaktu dengannya… and the rest was history…

“Take me to your leader…!!”

These crabs were SO beautiful I just had to eat them…

Bluest crab ever!!

“Wow, those are massive conques you have there, madam!!… Yes, I said ‘Conques’!!”

These boiled clams were really simple and delicious. Boiled in salted water with ginger. Sprinkled with lime juice and dipped in chillied soy sauce. But we also had Chilli Clams which were just as nice.

Aha! Finally!

Fresh coconuts to boot…

But perhaps the weirdest drink i ever came across was this…

Yes, Red Bull and Evaporated Milk!!  It tasted like the juice of canned Fruit Cocktail actually, so it werent too bad after all…  a crazy drink to wash away our midnite madness…


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  1. Hai, terjawab tah sudah soalanmu oleh si Fiz… Yes, it’s by the blue Church di bandar. Btw Fiz, how come you guessed immediately it was that place? I cant recall namanya but it’s sounds something like Mizu… but they do fantastic kerang!

  2. Dol . . . . dkt the blue church? Where exactly ah? tampatnya cam Newton Singapore kah? Btw, i tot u were craving for teh tarik heheh how come red bull susu . . .

    oh, and berapa tah roughly tu for all that stuffs? We had something like that – a massive katam kalok, clams, sotong goreng & pari salai (at Newton) for roughly $80.

  3. Looking at all the pictures you have posted, i have got to say “Membagi tais liur”. Ya Allah, Sesungguhnya aku sedang berpuasa, baik jua malam sudah where i can get undivided attention. *lol*. Say in the near future if you guys decided to go for a seafood, please give us a buzz. Ok keep on updating your so called Food Fetish so we can adapt some for meal outing!

  4. opkos lah i know..wherever there’s good food~…, the view in the fourth picture kinda gave it away.. you could see it’s the second stall and the noticeboard is on the inside

  5. Gembo – Hmmm this is closer to home, fortunately! Dekat Blue Church di Bandar, di Taman Selera. $80 for all that in Singapore? I think you got yourself a bargain there mate. Malam atu we had 3 large crabs (katam suri), 2 kg boiled clams, 2 kg chili clams. 5 of us , some coconuts, and only 1 Red Bull with milk, mind. And Yes I got my teh tarik. hehe Paid $55 i think. Good food, good price. Ke sana tah lapas2 raya nanti bawa your family… hehe… i get no commission, promise!

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