Of strange Ulams, and even stranger kuihs…

In the last two weeks I came across an array of makanan. But to those who think gluttony is my favourite sin past time, I must clarify I did NOT eat them all, as difficult as that may be to believe.

On the left here you see Cakoi, a kind of bread that’s fried to a fluff and filled with Kaya (coconut and egg jam) and butter.  A favourite in Brunei.  And so is the Kuih Malaya on the right. A Waffle-like base that’s folded into half with sweet peanuts, raisin and condensed milk as filling.

Beef in soy sauce. To be more precise, Buffalo meat in Soy sauce. Nice with white rice.

I have a love affair with this dish. It’s Ikan Pusu sauteed with dried chilli and cubed potatoes.  Mum used to put this over a serving of rice and wrap it in Daun Jengang (Simpur) and feed her naughty kids yang inda mau makan.  We of course took her bait and ate our meal to our hearts’ content.  Pusu goreng and nasi puteh, on Daun Jengang- no contest!

Hati Ayam! Chicken liver!

Sayur masin.  I think this is salted cabbage(fermented)  sauteed with dried shrimps.

This Prawn Curry was beautiful! The curry was just the right thickness and with just the right heat and the prawns were not overcooked.

Umai or raw fish in lime juice (?) and chilli. The citric acid from the lime ‘cooks’ the fish slowly. It’s nice, I’m sure…

My parents must have ulam/salad with their meals, at least cucumber and belacan. But they also had this last week, young, unripe bananas (peel on), taken as ulam with belacan and pusu paste. I’d never tried this before, but it turned out to be very nice. I suppose if we can have Banana chips, we shouldn’t bat an eyelid on this ulam.

Hati Buyah marinated in sweet soy sauce and fried. Another favourite.

This was obviously bought from the Gerai Ramadan in Tutong.  Calamari/ Sotong in sambal sauce and grilled over slow burning charcoal.  The sotong was tender and not rubbery, as is often the case. Very nice.

Grilled Tongking/ Bishop’s nose/ Chicken tail/ Coccyx (spelling?). Dangerously nyaman.

The Pais Daging bought at the Gerai Ramadan was also really nice.  Some pais are mixed with very thin and runny ambuyat to coat the meat cuts and bind them. It adds a ‘slimy’ texture to the dish… slime can be good… some times…

I had fresh coconut juice with the pulp. Very refreshing drink to help wash down these gems below:

Cucur Ubi Kayu or (Mashed) Tapioca fritters. I love these!

And these were nice too, Kuih… *ahem*… Kuih Pukis….  No, that’s not a typo, that’s what it’s actually called!  A friend tells me that this Kuih originates from Indonesia; but the the peculiarity of its name in Brunei has meant a new moniker is in order. So you’ll probably have come across this very kuih under a different guise such as Kuih Pakis, Kuih Pungkis etc… Regardless, I love Pukis (No pun intended!)… Who doesn’t?? Geez…


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  1. Hai… banyak bejual di tamu kali ah… oh wait, you’re in Bangkok… awww… sian eh… Ko hint-hint lah arah TYT suruh import dari Brunei for your raya celeb sana…

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