Dimsum… the finish.

I’d earlier posted the steamed Dim sums. There were also other dishes and desserts.

The item on the right is my favourite Yam dumpling with chicken filling, see below. The other one is crispy prawn fritter.

This was nice too, can’t remember what it’s called.

In the fore you’ll see probably the most tasty dish we had that night, very tender chicken cuts.  At the back is Fried carrot cake (i’ve  never understood this dish. where’s the carrot??).

Fried rice. You can see I went for seconds with the chicken… or was it thirds?

Glutinous rice ball filled with lotus paste, and covered in sesame seeds. The inside, below. (er… sorry bout the bitemarks).

For dessert, we had Longan Tofu Fah. Very, very nice.

And a freeflow of Chinese tea to go with the cakes.



10 responses

  1. my my..makin banyak bah posts nya ani per day..hehe..not that i’m complaining..

    congrats on the hits..and for conquering text wrap (at last!)..haha..

  2. Rose bah lakas dai, tapi masa ituh ramai tuh sal org terimo gaji tiru.. betemu ipon tuh!

    Fiz. yep, text wrap gone! i’ve got loads of fotos bah, ia tah kan reduce the backlog. Uploading is easy- the photo editing takes a bit of work. Keep visiting saja.

  3. Hellew there ^_^ My best friend tells me that you had a tip for my exploding cake batter. Thanks for that. hehe.

    Oh yes I also can never figure out why the ‘carrot cake’ is named as such. A research into this is long due. Nerdy, but needed. My whole belief system (that carrot cakes should have cream cheese buttercream and a tiny fondant piece of carrot) has been in absolute jeopardy for a while 😀

  4. Hi Pixxienix

    Thanks for visiting. I honestly cant remember what brainfart I said dressed as advice it actually was. Good job with your site, at least you make your own food. I just eat others’. Keep em coming.

  5. Ahh, dim sum. Love it. Yam dumpings are my fave too!

    Let’s see– From what I can make out, pic 3 is commonly known as Chee Cheong Fun. It’s basically a large flat rice noodle wrapped around meat. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rice_noodle_roll

    Pic 4’s carrot cake is the Chinese version. The main ingredient used is a large white radish. The reason it’s called “carrot cake” is because the name of the radish can also mean “carrot”, albeit a Chinese sort of carrot. Read more here– http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chai_tow_kway

  6. Thanks Ches. I knew that thing was called ‘Fun’ something or summit, just not sure exactly what it was. As for the carrot cake, i’ve always suspected it was Radish. You’ve just confirmed my suspicion. Not my favourite dish, although i love boiled radish (belacan and chilli).

  7. May- as you’re organizing the Delal raya this year, perhaps some of these things could find themselves on the buffet spread… just a thought.

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