A bit of Pakistan

I went to a North Indian/ Pakistani restaurant in Kiulap the other day for sungkai and had awesome curry the way I like it. Just look at these pics.

Sweet Lassi and Bandung, dates and the world’s best Pakora to break the fast.

Kofta Karahi

Chicken Jalfrezi

Vegetable Lahori


Lamb Karahi

Thick fluffy nan bread to go with the curry.

For dessert, Sweet Semolina

Excellent stuff!


4 responses

  1. Nadj di mana tu Ches?? I’ll tell you one SERIOUS authentic place. It’s a roadside stall on the tiny backroad between Masjid Jame’Asr and the RIPAS. It’s a garage with a few tables and seats- NOT your Empire Atrium type – and the view is not pretty. But the food is a completely different story – Lumpy lassi, oily lamb curry, even oilier Briyani- just the way it was meant to be! SO why is it authentic? it’s THE meeting place of Pakistani business owners in Brunei, it’s their networking place and it’s where they go for homecooked food that is original according to them (check out lunchtime or dinnertimes- panuh!) – yes the place is crappy, the food, simply divine.

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