Sungkai Delights

We’re at the end of Ramadan today, and tomorrow we’ll be celebrating Hari Raya or Eid (if the ‘baby’ moon is sighted tonite). But i’ve somewhat fallen behind in posting up pics of food here (blame my photo editing programme that shuts down while you’re still working on something). As usual Ramadan has not disappointed me this time as even though we fast the whole month, the most beautiful and delicious foods seem to just conjure from nowhere (but perhaps from pots, belangas and periuks… you know what I mean lah).  I suppose it’s just natural, coz when you’ve been fasting the whole day, even the simplest dish like Maggi Kari campur talur would seem like precious truffles… not that I know what truffles taste like – sia-sia pon…  But here are a few more drool-inducing beauties I had these past few weeks.

This is Wajid Temburong or Wajid Jawa.  The normal Wajid is sticky rice mixed with natural palm sugar, rolled into fingers as above, and wrapped in Daun Nyirik. Wajid Temburong uses fine grain rice, which gives the cake a finer texture.  It is so named apparently because the tradition started in the Temburong District. It’s also called Wajid Jawa after the type of fine rice used.

Katu Mayang is soft noodle cakes made from rice flour served with coconut and pandan cream.  The contrast between the Pandan green and the white noodles is enough to entice anyone to try it.

The Popiah Udang (this is the small triangular version) is always a winner in the savoury snacks department. This pic is of the stock I have in my bedroom, so obviously I love it. The fried curry leaves add a beautiful aroma to the popia. A Raya favourite this.

Another savoury is the Kuih Jala, so called due to it’s a rolled up net-like appearance (‘jala’ means ‘net’). Inside the roll is usually curried chicken or beef and potato. (NOTE: Apparently if the ‘roll’ is filled as such, it’s then called Kuih Renjis – Thanks Kalbi!).

I’m rather undecided if this Pulut Kuning and Kelapa is savoury or sweet. The yellow colour comes from turmeric added to sticky rice, which gives it that savoury flavour as well. But the dessicated coconut with brown sugar is sweet. So what you get is an interesting contrast of flavours in this very simple dish.

These muffin-like cakes are steamed Apam made from Tapai rice (i’ve been told) and palm sugar. In the background you’ll see famous Kuih Malaya. This particular one is by far the best Kuih Malay I’ve ever had (i’ve made many return trips to the Bu Hajah who made them in the Tutong Gerai Ramadan since). The peanut, sugar and raisin filling is shown below.

This is Bubur Kacang Hijau with Durian or Green Mung Bean Sweet porridge with Durian.

These green Spring roll-looking kuih is called Kuih Lenggang (literally ‘Wiggle cake’ – wonder why). Essentially it’s a pandan crepe filled with sweet dessicated coconut and rolled up.

Pandan is also a key ingredient in this Kuih Talam (correct me here!) particularly to create the green layer. The bottom layer is sweet glutinous rice. (NOTE: I have been corrected- this Kueh is actually called Seri Muka – Thanks again Kalbi!).

This pretty combo was what I had at Nyonya Restaurant Sungkai Buffet the other week.  On the plate is Prawn Folded Popia, a heart-shaped Apam and Mulitcoloured Bingka Lapis (close up below).  The pink drink is Bandung, rose-syrup with milk.

Gorgeous to look at, even better to eat.  Till next year, Ramadan.


4 responses

  1. Thanks kalbi… aku ani si antam saja when come to the names of these kueh… I didnt know when filled namanya renjis. Heard of it but never gave much thought.

  2. We call the Katu Mayang atu Putu Mayang.

    Cali jua nama kuih jala atu bulih jua jadi “renjis”. I wonder why. Renjis is “splash” kan? Sama jua Kuih Wiggle atu, kenapa namanya lenggang ah. And the word “katu mayang/putu mayang” makes no sense. what is a “mayang”?

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