Raya Bikkies :)

It’s amazing how colourful the cakes and biscuits can be when it’s Hari Raya.

I’m not so much into biscuits, I prefer cake.  But these biscuits were eye-popping… in a good way!! They are by far the prettiest Raya biscuits I’ve ever seen. You’ll see what  I mean…

There’s a funny story to these Teddy Bear bikkies. My host said that her little nephew went berserk when he saw them… poor kid was apparently scared sh*t of teddy bears!! awww…… Dr Phil’s number, anyone??

Anyway, imagine the effort that went into baking these cookies!! Cakes next time!

Sorry these photos are a bit blurry, I only had my cameraphone on me at the time, so had to make do. These photos are unedited.


3 responses

  1. hmmm come to think of it, my photos here don’t do these cookies any justice at all… very blurry… trust me, they’re nicer in actuality.

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