The Raya Spirit

Yes, I have been quiet since my last post… well, it was/ is still raya… and in Brunei, that means a whole month of visiting, eating and drinking, socialising, more eating and drinking, late nights, even more eating and drinking…

But don’t get us wrong, raya is not just about food. It’s the month of forgiving, of mending fences, of establishing or re-establishing relations, or even strengthening existing ones.

An expatriate friend once chastised me, on behalf of all Bruneians, for our apparent indulgences and excesses during raya, which he argued made no sense given our month-long fast throughout Ramadan.  What he didn’t understand of course was that the everyone is (overly) keen to host and feed you because we believe every bite or sip that your guests take is act of deed.  Sure, we are guilty of wastage at times (not allowed or condoned, obviously!), but the essence of the whole affair is really to treat your guests in the best possible way and to make them feel welcome. My dear colleague, I suspect, had never ventured into a Malay house or accepted a kind invitation to one (blame his Brit reserve).  But even if he never did, I’m certain of one thing; the Grinch couldn’t have missed the raya spirit all around him during this month.

Vibrant colours abound, from fairy lights that decorate houses…

… to the festive clothes that we wear…

… to our colourful traditional golden brocade (kain tanunan), to the little envelopes for money gifts for kids (angpau)…

… to the food…

But, underneath all the array of colours and delicious food, the real spirit of Raya exudes through the warmth, hospitality and goodwill as we visit each other.

Selamat Hari Raya everyone, Maaf zahir dan batin!  Food pics coming up…


8 responses

  1. aiiii..kek velvet!

    good god..i miss the sight of makanan dalam chafing dish..baru tah raya 🙂

    p/s: welkam back! you’ve been missed! (or rather the food pictures..haha)

  2. Hi Fiz. Yes, am back, hard to pull myself away from the cakes. How’s Lancs? Oh so atu tah namanya that purple cake… Velvet Cake rupanya. Didnt know that actually. Check out the next post. More to come.

  3. I is very bored..

    waiting for updates.. was just staring at the kek velvet ah..are those the version yg pakai cream cheese instead of cream..? nyaman nyaman..

  4. have you contacted Poly? she was waiting for your call. Been extremely busy this week- pesta convo. Does this mean you wont be attending convo? too bad… ok, look out for new pics coming up soon.

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