Happy Teacher’s Day!!

Teacher’s Day falls on 23 September in Brunei, but because it was the fasting month of Ramadan last month, the celebrations have been postponed to tomorrow, Saturday, 18 October 2008.  So, in honour of all teachers in Brunei, and your tireless and sincere efforts to educate our young ones, here’s an apple for each of you…

Actually, the pic is of an apple given me by a couple of TESL Majors as I arrived at work on 23 September. They were stood in line just outside my door, all smartly dressed, and I was thinking if I owed them money… was certainly way too early for a Christmas carol…   But it turned out to be a carefully planned, thoughtful, and sweet gesture in celebration of Teacher’s Day… The apple was really sweet and crunchy too… and not poisoned.. 🙂  Thanks Ai Li, Pei, Morsidi & others.  I don’t feel worthy of the apple, but loved every single bite of it!


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