Pretty Cookies Part Deux

Prior to my Teacher’s Day post, I wrote about some beautiful biscuits I’d come across during visits with friends.

Here are a couple more that match those ones.

Because I love these too much, I’ll post another pic of em…

Coconut hearts… or at least, that’s what I’m calling them. Antam saja wah!

How could you resist this? and this omnipresent Kek Batik? The latter owes its name to its similar appearance to the traditional batik textile. Exquisite taste! The cake, not the textile…

And what a way to end this post!  These two slices simply sum up the kaleidoscopic feast we saw earlier rather nicely. I’ve been invited to two more openhouses tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to the (eye)candy on the platter. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.


4 responses

  1. Awu Zul, Kek batik si Chom was reaaally good… it’s not my fav cake actually, but when it’s just the right consistency and texture, sweetness and cut, it’s all good! Tapi cornflakes madunya alum masuk post lah… heheh… ada hidden talent jua lah si kawan sorang atu…

  2. Fancy jua biskutnya ani. biskut dulu2 manada ni, abis fancy pun heart-shaped (haha!) and sprinkles saja..ani befrosting tia..

    Eh perfect kek batiknya, inda pacah rutinya..mesti rajin layer manual ni. Y’knw, i heard a lot about kek batik yang nyaman di empire and saffron. Nyaman kah banar?

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