I saw a purple hippo… and ate it…

In the words of Minako Sensei, “HAAA-ROOOOOO….!!”

I’ve been… er… absent, obviously. Other things got in the way, like trips overseas, my late night teh tarek sessions, sleep… oh and the occasional work.

But Her Majesty The Maurina (the world-renowned Contributing Editor of The Miele Guide, no less), fresh from her attempted invasion of ASEAN and Japan (as well as Gui Yang, China~ but nuff said), sent me on this tremendous guilt trip to start again- well, I had been meaning to anyway.

SO~  I ran into this purple coloured hippo- knocked it on it’s head- ploop!! – and I munched away…! Didn’t know hippos were so crunchy and sweet! We should have more hippos!  If you remember, some time ago I ate an elephant too!

But of course, only hippos made by a very creative and not-kitchen-shy NIKKI could taste that delicious!

It was the last(?) day of the Raya Month that we were over at her place, where she hosted a very delightful and beautiful high-tea party specially for us.  The food weren’t typically raya-type, but that’s what made it special. In fact, you’d expect them on the Empire buffet table round abouts this time of the year.  It’s food you’d half-expect Santa (or a burglar) to stuff his face with as he tiptoes across the room with presents for you, or for himself, as it were.  So although the tea party was during Raya (October), posting the pics up now feels rather fitting for the Christmassy scent in the air!

Boy I’m long-winded tonite!

But- Nikki’s treats were superb! I was foaming at the mouth and shaking uncontrollably just looking at them you’d think I’d been bitten by Mike’s mental dog next door on my way in!!   Just  look at these pics.


Salmon sandwich etc

Salmon sandwich etc

Home-made pizza

Home-made pizza

the cheese plate, breadsticks, scones

the cheese plate, breadsticks, scones


lemon curd, fresh cream, marmalade for the scones

lemon curd, fresh cream, marmalade for the scones


And now for dessert…

Parisian Macaroons

Parisian Macaroons

Parisian Macaroons, encore!

Parisian Macaroons, encore! Hohoho!

Luxurious selection of tea and coffee

Luxurious selection of tea and coffee


cupcakes for tea


Kek batik

Kek batik


Ambassade, le rocher, si'l vous plait..?

Ambassade, le rocher, si'l vous plait..?

strawberry topped choc mouse? moose? mousse?

strawberry topped choc mouse? moose? mousse? how'ju spell it?

the cosy corner

the cosy corner

The cosy corner was perfect to sit in and enjoy your tea and the dessert. Let’s make one thing clear, Nikki MADE ALL of the food except the chocs~ but she could’ve if she’d wanted to… and me? I ATE ALL the food bar none! *ahem*

A bit of a nyamuk, I was first to leave that day as I trotted off to yet another late raya openhouse. But I left well-chuffed and well-fed, and I must admit, VERY well-impressed.  Congratulations Nikki (& Shahrin, I’m pretty sure you helped open that can of butter or something…) and Thank You both for having me.  I left your place with the hippo in tow, but it didn’t survive the journey to my cousin’s openhouse,  just a few hundred meters away (and I thought I was kanyang… *burp*).  But here’s an eternal reminder of our tasty aubergine-tinted friend before its unceremonious meeting with the intestines of it’s maker’s guest, yours truly. God bless its purple soul..

The Purple Hippo in question.

The Purple Hippo in question.

In the mean time, Christmas is coming! Merry Christmas everyone!! Enjoy the holidays! I’ll be celebrating with family & relatives  in Seria, Brunei-style… ah yess… nothing like a hot sweaty Christmas lunch by the fake snow-covered and melamine-infested Christmas tree, from Gui Yang perhaps- but all’s good when you’re with family!  🙂


11 responses

  1. LOL, what a comeback! ^_^ Absolutely loved reading your most comically- articulate of posts to date. I’ve much forgotten about the Raya foray, but these were a lovely reminder of how much I think I’m in the wrong profession (!) OH and yes, the purple hippos were best bitten rear-end first, i’ve always thought 😀 Happy holidays!

  2. Wahhhh~~ mouth watering indeed!! even the kek batik looks lovely!! who’s tea party is this?? sorry, me being nosy…hehehee… I also love the macoroons…tho’ i haven’t tried them…

    *gulp*** laparrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….

  3. Ms Lilac… what an appropriate name for this particular post! Maybe ur’e related to the almarhum hippo? hehe

    The party was hosted by Nikki, a colleague of ours who you probably havent met. She’s a very good baker as you can see from the pics. Semua ia buat, including the macaroons.

    Nikkita- the hippo was probably snapped off from its head, and then bitten in the ass. Either way, it probably wasn’t how it imagined its life ending. But fate can be cruel sometimes. Wouldnt mind more sugary animals next time, thanks.

  4. hahahaha here! here! the contributing editor for the miele guide is here! ahem. i approve of this blog updating! looking forwad to more. eh nyaman jua tea ani, lain kali aku ikut. hahahah

  5. eh the tiered serving plates/rack cantiiiknyee..mana diaorang beli ek? your xmas bread butter pudding nampak sedap sungguh azam. *drools

  6. ntah tak tau mana beli, aku tanya kwn aku k… she’s NIKKITA… she has own blog tapi aku lupa lah Benny… she’ll respond if she sees this. Kat rumah die tu full of Ikea stuff- so circumstantial evidence suggests it’s Ikea heheh. ko beli online lah

  7. Benny bread butter pud aku tu dah gerenti sedaplah… no question about it… Hahaha… but maybe Marks & Spencer Leicester punya lagi sedap sikit dari aku nyer…. hmm i miss lei-ches-ter… hehe aku miss Maryland… aku miss nandos.. aku miss strbuckss… aku miss that old little english cafe with 2 tables jer…

  8. ok ok so I must admit we are a bit of an ikea-whore but the tiered serving plates and other accessories are often bought elsewhere! :p (Hi Benny ^_^) That particular cascading server can be purchased at Knic Knacs at Plaza Athirah. I suppose you can buy stuff like this online too. Hi Ms Lilac, Hi Maurina ^_^

    http://delisioucity.blogspot.com by the way.

  9. Pixxienix, si Benny atu kawan kami org Malaysia dulu sama kami di Leicester. Oh by the way- ur husband knows her. She’s our doctor friend. Lemme introduce you guys: Benny, meet Nikki (Sharin’s wife) hehe Nikki, meet Benny, crazy woman who used to stalk us in Leicester (Kidding Benny 🙂 ) Now that you know each other, lemme just explain Plaza Athirah is like the greatest mall ever in Brunei, Benny. Beats Selfridges Oxford St hands down!!

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