Definitely NO LICENSE to grill… *sigh*

I’m at the beach house now… so reporting almost real-time from the fringes of the South China Sea about an incident that happened just 10 min ago. It’s just gone 11.15pm.

We’re here for an impromptu barbeque brainfarted at 10.30pm, and 15 minutes later we were on the beach with sausages, maggi mee, chicken wings etc…

Someone got the fire going alright, grill wire in place, and slapped the wings and sausages on- all set to go!  No signs of disaster in the horizon as the pic below shows.


… until…


Oh the panic~!!  There was blood and shrills everywhere…!! Total pandemonium! It may appear that Rose (front, left) was rather impressively breathing fire not unlike a circus performer; except she wasn’t-  rather she was trying to the blow the fire out and save our now shrivelled non-believing chicken wings from hellfire! She managed to do that, just… but I could’ve sworn she shat in her pants at that very moment…!!  Charming.

But what’s a barbie without that chicken-turned-carbon drama, huh?

And they wondered why they weren’t on the Food Channel… hmmpph…


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