Confessions of a…

What the..??

What the..??

I know what’s going through your mind.  You must be thinking “What in Lucifer’s name is that bloody thing?!”

Give it a minute, please, before you read on and find out. Go on, have a few guesses!

Today was big-time lazy Sunday! I slept in, and even when I got out of bed, I didnt quite make it out of the door till 830pm! I was hibernating, if you like.

And after whole day of ‘strenuous’ sleep and doing zombie impersonations (eyes open but brain missing), I got a bit peckish and was seeing mirages of strawberry-flavoured ambuyat dipped in rich chocolate sauce… as you do…

After a little dinner of rice and buah jelayan, I developed a sweet tooth, but it was 9.14 pm by now and Huaho was gonna close at 930.  So i zoomed off there and zipped through the candy and fruit section, where I made eye contact with some lovely Thai Monthongs. They winked rather seductively at me and my knees turned to jelly instantaneously. Well, you can predict the rest of the story.

So what is that picture of??

It was in fact the said durian which I was eating in the car as I drove home…

As I savoured the King of Fruits (star of the Fear Factor) in my car, I suddenly lost grip and  the fruit bounced off my steering wheel, the signal lights lever,  off my knee and landed smack on top of my Gucci bottle sitting in the Door Pocket!

Yes I ate durian as I drove!! DON’T JUDGE ME!! I was too weak to resist it! Aku hanya insan yang  lemah..! I don’t judge stupid people who text on their mobile while zooming past you on the highway! Each to their own stupidity, I say!

I can’t even balance a durian… what hope is there for this world?

The car stinks of durian now… huhuhu

I can see it in my head – “D. A. ” meetings… ” Hello everyone, I am  Durian addict… ”

That was my encounter with the Thorny Kind tonight… not the last, I’m sure…


8 responses

  1. hahaha this story sounds very much like stuff I would do myself, so aint nobody’s judging you mate! My thought is always: ‘better this than kempunan’! Plus it’s durian! ^_^ (Btw, I though the picture was a blob of butter)

  2. haha..been there done that. if it makes you feel better, my durian gugur rah baju ku saja, but i picked it up and finished it. (now dont you go judging me!)

    this post reminded me of your story dulu (which btw i still think is a fictional account..haha) of urang makan pakai chopstick masa driving.

    p/s: inda bah..sekalinya gambar ani diambil dengan durian-smeared fingers? hahaha..blogger~

  3. Hi Nikki, Hi Fiz.

    Awu eh- durian forever!!! too bad durian kuning out of season now huhuhu hope our amah had the sense to freeze them for year-round cucur. Yay for freezers!!

    Fiz- where you been ah? batah nada, mentang2 nada updates… hehe
    and yeah, that driving while chopsticking was fictional… that was my attempt at stand-up comedy.

    Who am i to judge u licking durian off your dress? I picked up that blob from the side-pocket and finished it off!! Licked my fingers clean after as well!! and burped in the process. Well, I have my vices…

    Fiz- no comments on other posts??

  4. expecting less of u mister!

    nyeh.that confirms it then. i will now stop my (suspended) search for people ‘chopsticking’ masa driving d highway.

    on other posts-eh manada ku ilang. what else would explain my recent search for pudding. eh kenapa pudding nya ada alcohol ah disini? have i been looking for the wrong pudding? eh eh nda ku tejumpa that old post of yours yg ada resipi briyani. banyak kambing bah freezer saya ani.

    oh my. this is an abuse of the comment box. sorry boss.

  5. Kalau d uk they like xmas pudnya w alcohol, but ive never come across breadn butter pud w alcohol- myb recipe atu postd by an alcoholic kali.
    D recipe for briyani ada dlm post atu itself- not separat recipe.
    Btw where is the u now fiz… Brunei?

  6. I is in kg lancs, living in my jammies, chained to my desk..inda jua pandai siap2 assignment ku ani.sanak ku. why? ka poly tu yg balik brunei, bejalan and makan saja kerajanya..jeles saya.

  7. Dol, your story reminded me when me and c-Kay roaming around during our usual saturday afternoon few years back!!! C-kay ani craving kan makan durian, so we stopped over d supa save mabohai to buy the succulent fatty monthong!!! Then when we drove and roaming around along Jalan Berakas dekat jalan stadium atu, time atu aku jadi dariba and c-Kay next to me sambil makan2 durian. Iatah, we didn’t realise ada van gamin next to us atu memerhatikan kami makan rupanya!!! U know what, c-Kay showed-off kan durian and the guy next to the driver seat atu showed-off to us Pisang Tanduk bah sekantong!!! hahahahahha…..nasib bukan “pisang” semacam atu!!

  8. Hahaha Tom- si Kay memang begitu… haha nasib pisang tanduk…mun pisang kutil inda mebari2… hehe thanks for visiting tom. bah nanti ku feature business mu. nda kau bjual cupcakes- it’s the rage apparently, tapi inda jua nyaman2 – lawa ganya ada

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