Aimulah Hippo & Friends

Stole these pics off Nikki’s blog:

The only clear image I have of His Purpleness…

In memoriam... Purply Hippy

In memoriam... Purply Hippy

and friends…

Flying Butters and Ducklings

"Flying Butters" and "Itiklings"

Question: Cana kan link  my purple hippo post to your blog and vice versa? Hindi ko pa alam gagawin!


3 responses

  1. ^_^ Tu.. it automatically generate links to your old posts about the hippotami.. tamuses..tamoooses? Alternatively, find the link icon on your posting dashboard and add in the address of your old post there. Thanks for the feature. semangat ku plng kan mbuat cookies of differnt fauna haha.Will do actually, sanak ku sdh mbuat macarons tiap minggu 😀

  2. thanks, but im too thick to understand that even. what’s it with guys and instructions huh?

    i think u shud make more hippos and stuff and put in a small bottle and find an outlet to sell em small scale as bday gifts/ for bday occasions. Word will spread. Your macarons are excellent but i’d imagine it’s much less work to make these biskuwits…

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