Kopi Brunei

Possibly the most under-appreciated coffee in the whole wide world!

Best taken black with sugar, this pure unadulterated coffee has a strong body and texture, is just mildly acidic, and very aromatic indeed!  Beautiful aftertaste. Expatriate colleagues simply love this coffee- it’s cheap, tasty and gives you that caffeine kick that’ll immediately reduce the brains of decaf drinkers to fluff- and make ’em repent and revert to the Dark side.

A childhood favourite accompaniment is the square Water biscuit (Roti Ampat Sagi) – dipped corner by corner or broken into halves, layered and submerged completely, and straight into your mouth.

Cafe noir, si'l vous plait!

Cafe noir, si'l vous plait!

I’ve always wondered what all the hype about ‘Italian coffee’ was really about…  Is the coffee really grown in Italy or is it just our over-eagerness to accept all things Italiano?  Much like the ‘English tea’- I mean, tea from miserably cold England, really..??

Brunei coffee is the product of a tiny cutch factory in the Dusun village of Kg Bukit Udal in Tutong.   A small plantation intended for self-consumption perhaps, and not too commercialized.  Give it a go, it deserves more respect than it currently receives.

NB:  This post is dedicated to Dr Gillian Perrett (Sydney, Oz), fervent supporter of Kopi Brunei, when it’s available at Hjh Kasum Minimart, Kuala Tutong 🙂 – and the Dusun coffee planters in Bukit Udal and the rest of Brunei.


6 responses

  1. Banar tu. Kopi Brunei is awesome, but gives me the dugal. Shahrin is ‘geng’ with my mum in the arena of kopi Brunei though. I remember when I was a child visiting an old lady and she served me black kopi and ruti tawar. It was my first kopi and I remember it till now. Funny how I find this post quite nostalgic.

  2. yeah, Kopi Brunei does not contain margerine like most others.

    Another biscuit that’s good for dipping in Kopi Brunei is “Roti Kibin”- dunno what it’s really called though…

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