Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Happy New Year of the Ox!!

Rather belated, I admit, but a good wish is a good wish, no matter how late. Let’s just hope the Bull doesn’t leave “faecal residue” to mark its territory on this new year. Trust me, we’ve had plenty of that last year, thank you very much!

Hopes and good wishes (and unsavoury remains) out of the way now, we quickly move on to the culinary delight on offer in this festive season.

I’ve just come back from a good friend’s Openhouse the food was just exquisite: there was Chicken satay and Kuah Satay, Ketupat rice cakes, Beef rendang, Pineapple curry, Briyani – and those were just the things on my plate – Not exactly what those unfamiliar with Brunei might expect during Chinese New Year, but this is Brunei. There were plenty more stuff on the buffet spread as well.


There were childhood favourites as well.


And the mandatory mandarins, of course.


That’s what I like about Brunei, we’re multiracial, we’re happy, and we eat too much. And that’s no bull!


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