The Food Channel- why not?

I was watching the Asian Food Channel (AFC) and there was this show called Restaurant Makeover, in which they revamp an entire restaurant and its menu ~ and this was where I saw this being made as part of the new menu.

I watched.

I drooled.

I made.






I made this three times over.   And I ate as many times.

What can I say? Chocolate & Bananas ~ Heaven on  earth a plate!


By “popular” demand (i.e. population: 2), here’s what you need and do:

It’s really just eggy bread,  so you must have:

Bread, eggs, sweet bananas sliced, raisins (optional), Chocolate paste/ flavouring (tiny bottle bought in SKH).

1. Make a normal chocolate banana raisin sandwich first. I made 2 layers, deep filled.

2. Dip and coat the whole sandwich into the egg. Not too soggy.

3. Fry with a bit of oil.

4. Optional: I dipped it in the egg a second time to get a second coating, then fried it again.

Presentation as in pic. I didn’t bother  with my first one coz I was drooling too much I coudn’t wait any longer!

I plan to experiment sticking two small bars of Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut, and bananas, between some bread and just coat with egg and fry. Easier i think!


7 responses

  1. Fiz- yesh! they’re all the same saja. It’s really just a glamorous Eggy Bread with choc and banana filling. 1st pic shows the eggy bread. 2nd pic was my 2nd time buat banyak (mys 1st time was 2hrs before that a tiny portion saja, but tarus abis ku makan inda sampat gambar). the last pic was my third attempt that same nite, I was an expert by this time.

    Ches & Nikki. Recipe up in post. try it k. sanang

  2. It’s a Wok even. Yes, it’s been around since the time of Moses- proved its $3.80 worth. Mau, try with the cadbury nyaman tu melted choc. Add almonds, or coffee paste sikit for mocha taste.

  3. thanks for the recipe. it’s much like my fried kaya-cheese-eggy-bread bread!! have u? You slather in kaya on one side of two breads, put a slice of chedder in between, coat in egg, and fry with butter. It’s calorie-tastic! {oooh the melted cheese~}.

    nanti i let u try my banana crumble ah. our sociologist friend is craving for them, so I’ll make extra ^_^ {oooh the caramelized bananas~}.

    P/s awu i couldnt help but notice the wok myself! 😀 well done on the bargain. hehe.

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