Bits & Bob

Random pics I found on my mobile phone.

I know I took them here in Brunei to upload, just can’t remember what the occasion was. They’re from various events/ places I went to over the last two months at least.


I am pretty sure that this was breakfast at some hotel somewhere. I like my muesli with crunchy nuts and fruit, usually raisins and strawberry.  But on this occasion I decided to be adventurous and had my cereal with Nangka (sweet jackfruit). Gorgeous.


Bread and butter pudding drowned in custard, pineapple tart, Kuih Kochi, and strawberry mousse.  Bubur Keladi (Yam sweet porridge) to top it off.


Arabic Chicken Rice

Arabic Chicken Rice

Oh I remember this one! It’s Arabic Chicken Rice (Mandi Dijaj) from Saffron.  I remember because that was when they had a free top up deal going on~ you finish your food and you’re still hungry, they give you another whole portion, no questions asked (at least not from the restaurant staff. Nosey fellow-diners are a completely different story!)

Pulut Hitam

Pulut Hitam

Sweet glutinous black rice with coconut cream, again at Saffron.  I don’t think I’ll forget this one so soon.  And neither would Dr Piniti who ordered it… not after having my cameraphone rather rudely and swiftly intercepting his spoonful en route to his mouth (sorry, Dr Cool, bloggers can be annoying  *ahem*).


I can’t remember what this one’s called, but it was ice cream in a meringue nest, topped with whipped cream, strawberry slices and sauce. I do remember remarking on how big it was- took three of us to finish it!  Nice though.

I know there are many more pics of food that I’ve taken that I haven’t uploaded yet.  I’ll get round to it eventually, I hope.


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