Tongkeng Ayam

a.k.a. the “Bishop’s nose”

a.k.a. “Abut a’al” (in Tutong language)

If you can de-visualize this fatty appendage’s close proximity to the chicken’s *ahem* bum… and all its…err… “related activities”…  then the “tongkeng” can be a delicious treat.

The Tongkeng taking centrestage

The Tongkeng taking centrestage

$1 for a stick of 5 tongkengs~ nothing stinky about this deal!

good honest tasty food- tongkeng on the grill

good honest tasty food- wings and tongkeng on the grill

I am a fan of the tongkeng, but I can’t have too many.  A stick of five small ones is OK for me.  But I stopped eating it for a while after watching Brad Pitt/ Edward Norton’s movie “The Fight Club” which depicted a scene where Brad and Edward broke into some lab and stole bags and bags of liposuctioned human fat Brad said would go into face creams.  Brad said something like “They’re really putting their bums on their faces!”  Savoury.  Back in the real world, I got over that image of bloody fat in clear plastic bags soon enough, thankfully, and am back to eating tongkeng again.

But here’s something new I learned today:  the proper name of the tongkeng is “Pygostyle” (ref: The Food Pornographer

I’ve always thought it was called the Coccyx.  I just never learned how to say it.

In sum then, Chicken Ass = gooood!


6 responses

  1. Bambam. Not bad eh. Dibagi tongkeng maukan lambchop!

    Mau. hmmm that sorta reminds me of the movie scene lagi. Off tongkeng for now. Sigh~

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