Pasta Brunei Style

Probably the quickest meal you can make yourself. Plonk some spag into hot water, drain it, pour into bowl, splash of olive oil, spoon of pesto, and you’re done! At least that’s how I survived my student days in the UK. In recent years they also came up with ‘pasta cubes’ (much like chicken cubes etc). Easy peasy.

So why am I talking about Pasta on what’s supposed to be about Bruneian food?

Well, I’ve always added a Bruneian twist to my pasta dish.

I’ve used Bruneian lalap daging (dried beef jerky) in my pasta. Spag as usual, virgin olive oil, and fried beef jerky cut into strips.

Tom Yam cubes can also be broken over your pasta, with some basil and tomato.

Or you could also try adding garlic, sundried tomato pieces (paste ok jua), Italian herb mix (dried/ fresh), and some Chinese dried mushrooms (soak in water first lah!) – and cook all these in a wok on the stove, as you would ‘mee goreng mamak’. Add chilli for a bit of heat.

Here are a couple more I made.

Spaghetti alio olio with dessicated crabmeat.

Spaghetti alio olio with dessicated crabmeat.

The local twist here is I used sweet basil leaves and I added a bit of fish sauce.  hmm, sounds Thai to me now! (Photo courtesy of my professional photog friend, Rose Sabtu.)

Made to order

Made to order

This was pasta with creamy cheese sauce with crab claw meat. I used medium cheddar,  and chunky crab claws stir-fried with Italian herbs.

Eeeek!! Ignore those hadiah-orang-kawin plastic plates ~ this was at the beach house…

(sorry! photo editor on day off)

all we need is chilli flakes!

As you might’ve guessed by now, my favourite ‘sapak’ is seafood, be it large prawns, crabmeat, scallops, mussels, or a mix of these. Notice no fish. I don’t eat fish, but it should work too, I reckon.

Here’s another thing I don’t like, so-called spaghetti with runny sweet beef bolognaise (with tomato ketchup, not puree, and mindboggling loads of sugar!) topped with grated cheese-slices that you find in $1 tapau containers. I’m all for creativity, but I think that’s twisting it too much. I don’t know. I’m hungry.


4 responses

  1. Nyaman fiz!! ate more than 2 pirings. slurped up the whole pasta one go!! wish it had no endings pasta nya. nda putus2. bleh slurped smpai panuh mulut.hehe. N basil leaves are actually daun basil. hehe.

  2. Fiz. apparently it’s daun Selasih in Malay. I thk Indonesians call it Lewangi(?) or something.

    Zul. Thaaaaaaaankksssss… You can have three servings next time. Good boy!

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