Green isn’t always envy…

It was that same Friday afternoon that I’d risen rather grumpily  from my slumber thinking I was late for my Rojak appointment with Kucang, when after all the fuss he texted saying he’d be 45 min late!  I was already well on my way to my car in the drive way, when I could’ve been still in some strange land being chased by large and green amoeba-like beings wearing Scottish tartan!! Not that I enjoy that kind of subconscious plays during my sleep, but I wouldn’t have mind the extra time shut-eye.

So, there I was grumbling to my sleep-deprived self when as I looked up, I screamed “What the Dodol..?!!” ~  nearly fell on my back like a turtle attempting a breakdance… well I exaggerate, but you get the idea. Here’s what I saw…dsc00463

Thankfully, these weren’t those green jelly monsters whose acquaintance I’d made in my dream just 20 minutes previously, but large unripe Buah Sukun  or Breadfruit!  I swear I walk through this patch everyday, but had never realized these green balls of goodness were just above my head.

Greenie had acne problem...

Greenie had acne problem...

Breadfruit is great lightly fried in butter.  I reckon it may even be awesome mashed. Hmm. That’s a thought!

So green isn’t always the colour of envy, it could quite simply be a buah sukun waiting to plop onto your unsuspecting little head, and turn it black and blue.


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