Haji K.K.Koya, Tutong

The now defunct “Restoran Hj Asbullah” (“Hj As”) has featured aplenty in my posts. No prizes for guessing which of the old guards of Tutong I go to frequently. But there’s another legend in Tutong town by name of Restoran Haji K.K. Koya. There’s branch in Telisai, and another in Seria. But who doesn’t know the name?

Downtown, it’s known for it’s rojak comprised of inflated cucur udang (prawn fritters) bathed in sweet peanut sauce.

It still tastes the same to me now as it did when I was a kid even.

But here’s another must have when I go there, Kuih Suji or Semolina with raisins and crushed cashew nuts.


K.K.Koya in town had a major facelift sometime last year, the lights, furniture and layout have been changed. It still doesn’t have air-conditioning and is pretty much an open-air concept – you can enter from the front or the back door. The food hasn’t changed (much), and neither has it’s old spirit and charm. In fact, it’s still got it’s old signboard!

Now, that’s what you call “character”!


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