Mystery Fruit II: “Mengkua”

About 2 months ago someone left around five little mysterious fruit on the dining table for my mum. Being me, I popped one into my mouth anyway and was pleasantly surprised at how sweet and tasty the fruit was.



I took these photos then, intending to write about them, but of course that never happened. Well, as it turned out, I was browsing through the Tutong tamu this morning, and I found three bags of the fruit. Naturally I asked the Bu Hajah what the fruit was actually called, and she muttered “Mengkua”… give and take a little for her possible speech impediment (asked her 3 or 4 times) and my occasional hard of hearing ~ a lethal combination. But finally, mystery solved!



About the size a large grape, the Mengkua, according to the Bu Hajah, apparently comes from the Longan family. The pit or seed does look similar to that of the Longan, and so does the flesh of the fruit. I took her last comment that the fruit originated from Mexico with a pinch of salt, but of course it could be true after all.



The shell’s exterior is similar to that of the Avocado in appearance as well as in its thickness. However, the Mengkua has a silkier texture, and a more aromatic flavour, than the Longan. A bit pricy at $5per half kg, by tamu standards, yet well worth a try.


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