Roti Pisang

I never would’ve thought your regular roti canai could become extraordinarily tasty if you added bananas, and drizzled chocolate sauce over it. Well this was one thing i learned on the streets of Bangkok some two years back. Fast forward a few months to February this year roundabouts, a roti outfit was established at our usual Waterfront haunt in downtown Tutong. I asked the roti guy if he had Roti Pisang and he looked at me as if I had three heads! He obviously didn’t know what I was talking about, and he even asked me if people would really like it, with an annoying smirk. Fast forward again to June, and I saw the same guy this time making roti at the Tutong Hua Ho foodcourt. And guess what? He now had Roti Pisang on his regular menu!! I guess I was a little miffed, but not really- secretly I was rather pleased I could now have my Roti Pisang. But don’t tell him it shouldn’t just be bananas in the roti…


I smuggled in some chocolate sauce for my roti ~ exactly how they make ’em in Bangkok!


3 responses

  1. you’re exactly right there, Mau. I’ll sneak in some Ice cream next time jua. nyaman tu hot crispy roti and smooth cold ice cream, and sweet bananas and choc sauce. i need to lie down.

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