Jalan-jalan cari makan: Telisai

Isra’ Mikraj holiday last month me and my mates were bored out of our minds. We desperately needed to entertain ourselves, so we all squeezed into my tiny mobile and rode west of the country to Telisai.

Telisai is a drive-through little village that’s still got a quaint feel to it. Macam a mid-Western cowboy salon where people stopover, tie their horses, have their drink and off they trot on their horses again- except it’s not.

We’d heard that there’s this really good Kolo Mee stall that sells for a mere $2. Look for it we must. It’s located at the Gerai Telisai, a row of foodstalls right at the junction into Danau.


But this was only 3.45pm, and apparently the stall we came looking for wasn’t open yet. A bit disappointed and a lot famished (I was beginning to have visions in my mind), we decided to go across the road to the legendary Restoran Haji KK Koya. This Telisai branch looks like it’s stuck in the 70s- the floor tiles, the thick and many coats of paint on the walls and railings, the whole shizzle actually. But it was good. Good good. And the food was classic KK Koya Kuih Suji, bright orange (probably 100% tartazine) with raisins, and Apam, washed down with obligatory teh tarik.


We also just had to order KK Koya’s famous rojak- fluffy cucur udang and boiled eggs coated with heavenly sweet peanut sauce.


Well, we had to feed our demons while waiting for the Kolo Mee place to open…

Remember I said this place had the feel of a wild west stop-over? It was probably the feeling I got from our fellow patrons, a very satisfied lady slumped in her seat and some menacing-looking Road HOGs.

Wonder what they'd do if they caught me stealing this shot...

Wonder what they'd do if they caught me stealing this shot...

Raging hunger pangs tamed, and an hour gone, we decided it was now time for what we ventured out here to eat, the Kolo Mee, but they were still not open yet. Only one thing to do, drive around.

At the end of the Danau spit, we found this charming little old school kadai- even the shelves were painted wood. Very cool.


Done with the sightseeing, we headed back to the gerai…

“Kolo mee corner Salihim” it’s called.

Kolo Mee Ayam

Kolo Mee Ayam

Kolo Mee Daging

Kolo Mee Daging


The Kolo Mee certainly lived up to its reputation. Tasty, quick and cheap. The Kolo Mee actually looked rather ordinary, but it was how it tasted that was different. And this one was really good, and definitely well worth the wait.

Thus ends our food- and fun-filled Telisai adventure. It was an excellent spontaneous outing. Incidentally, we heard that there’s a Nasi Katok stall that sells “Nasi Katok Regular, Unleaded, and Super”. So, Telisai beckons.


10 responses

  1. hehe, an hour to go now… Selamat bersungkai! 🙂 And if ure drooling over the Kolo Mee pics, you can always singgah there on the way to bandar.

  2. Hehehe. My next interval will be Telisai from now on. Looking at it membagi tais liur! This is the kind of food that all of us are looking for. More into the outcome of the food. Well done and keep blogging for more info dol! 🙂

  3. Hye! Just wanna add up a bit! That tiny little kadai is run by one and only Chinese family living in Kg. Danau for more than 30years if i not mistaken! 🙂 btw i enjoy reading your blog!

  4. Hi Incognito! Thanks for visiting and for the interesting info. You’re right, I can’t think of any other Chinese families in Danau. Ok do visit again 🙂

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