My Brick Oven @ Hobo: Update

The oven, as I had anticipated, did not survive the intense heat and balik-balik use. It served me well and came up with excellent results foodwise, but cracks were beginning to show everywhere from the strain. But fret not, I gave it a facelift or perhaps a reconstruction, and here is Oven Mark II…


You will observe that an additional opening has been constructed at the back of the oven. This is where the firewood is supposed to go in and burn. I deliberately designed this opening to also serve as a grill for your normal barbie.

Food to be cooked in the oven will be placed through the front, and the chamber can now be dedicated to food only, whereas before the firewood and food all came through the front. There is a door to cover the front and trap the heat.

This new design has not been tested, but am positive it’ll work. Pure cement was used to plaster the bricks together, with wire gauze for reinforcement. Only one way to find out, but that’s gonna have to wait till after raya now.


5 responses

  1. Hey John, lawa pulang that design you linked atu. I really like it. I mentioned it before. It’s similar to Jamie Oliver’s igloo-shaped oven. I may try building one like that next time. I’ll have to research it first.

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