Of signs and things fungal…

There’s this eating place we frequent for lunch in the Liang Toon building we’ve nicknamed “Mumbles” that had this on their glass door…



A few days later I noticed the spelling error had been corrected. I guess the waitresses saw me taking a photo of the sign and realized the mistake. I didn’t mean to embarrass them into changing the sign, but a thought flickered in my mind: Why “Chicken Masroom”? or even Why “Chicken Mushroom”? Why have I never seen “Ayam Kulat”? “Fungi Chicken”, anyone..? Hmm, but if your mind, like mine, is too capable of a weird and wild imagination of death by having large snails jumping onto your face and sucking your brains out as you were casually walking past them at the tamu, then perhaps “Chicken Masroom” wouldn’t sound too bad to you and you’d be more forgiving of the spelling mistake. Chicken with fungus or kulat after all doesn’t quite paint an appetizing picture in the mind.


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