Tarindak d’Seni

I don’t normally write to promote restaurants, but sometimes there exceptions to the rule; in this case Tarindak champions local cuisine and serves traditional Bruneian dishes. Located in the Arts & Handicraft Centre building in Subok, the restaurant overlooks a splendid view of Kg Ayer and Sungai Brunei.



Word has it that this restaurant is Hyatt-run, so you can expect a certain level of quality to the dishes and the service. When we visited there, Tarindak had just been open for about a month, and we went there to celebrate some colleagues who were leaving us. There’s a real Bruneian ‘feel’ to the place you get from the very friendly waitresses who wear a Kain Tanunan sash elegantly, to even the menu that sports the Bunga Beputar motif.



The buffet was an amazing range of grilled sotong, prawn, chicken and lamb, amongst others, with the quintessentially Bruneian Ambuyat and several choices of cacah, and soto.

Starters: Kerabu pakis and Sambal mangga

Starters: Kerabu pakis and Sambal mangga

Nasi minyak, Sotong masak kunyit, Ayam masak merah, Pakis masak air, and Daging kicap

Nasi minyak, Sotong masak kunyit, Ayam masak merah, Pakis masak air, and Daging kicap

My drink of choice was Ruby manisan with Selasih (Basil seeds).


And the dessert spread wasn’t too bad either.


With its modestly priced yet tasty food, good service and a very nice ambience, Tarindak is sure to do very well. Friends who have gone there since our visit have all given the thumbs up. And in fact, throughout the month of Ramadan, an impressive sungkai buffet awaits you.

3 responses

    • NYAMANNNNNN ikan salainyaaaa… siasiapun. Viewnya nda nampak malam but instead you get a bright line on the horizon, and the occasional bright light crossing here and there. But it is THE perfect place to catch sunset sinking into the Bay. I think the architects of Pusat Kesenian built the building there most definitely with the sunset in mind.

  1. You’re both right! I’ve not been there yet at night, but from the tambing you can tell what the view would be like from the restaurant. Gelap! I’ve always thought there should be a row spotlights pointing towards Kg Ayer from the mainland tambing to make it visible. But maybe that would just be dangerous for the Moto Tambang that are tambing-bound… silau!

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