Subliminal Green

As I sat down and waited for the baduk for sungkai today, humming “We are the world” (of all things) in my head, my eyes were transfixed on the sublime colour emanating from the Wheatgrass drink I was going to break my fast with.


It’s amazing how little things like that can have a profound effect on you, even if for a few seconds.

Strangely, this was the first time I actually ever had Wheatgrass juice on its own. I’ve often had it with milk, producing a milky green concoction that wouldn’t be out of place in a horror flick. But taste-wise, it isn’t too bad at all in fact. But here’s something not many people know – Wheatgrass is that secret ingredient in the very popular Teh Tarik Special. One of the secret ingredients, at least.


7 responses

  1. Found your blog about Seattle (previous post). That’s an amazing color with the wheatgrass- very healthy drink as well. Interesting blog.

    • TK baru or lama? Alum ku pernah arah yg baru atu. Will try soon.
      Tapi actually wheatgrass with lemon boleh buat di rumah ah…krg tah ku buat sendiri ja cuba hehe

  2. Oh no… i knew that! But you’ve just revealed all the secrets… you’re like that masked magician who disclosed all those ladies hadn’t actually been sawn into two!! :p

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