Pesta Buah-Buahan Tempatan

(In case you’re wondering why this blog appears Raya-shy for its lack of Raya reports, it’s because all the photos are in the camera and I can’t find the bloody transfer cable! My trusted Sony Mobile does an OK job, but just OK. Must find cable.)

Last Sunday, we were possessed by this sudden urge to have some stinky local durian and like a godsent, we heard on the radio that it was the last day of the local fruit fair in Lamunin, just a half hour’s drive from town. So we jumped into the bat mobile and followed our noses to the fair.





There was a wide array of local fruit that are in season now.

This woman is everywhere!

This woman is everywhere!

The ubiquitous red rambutan, and some yellow ones as well.


My preferred red rambutan comes in various types (the fleshy Rambutan Lychee, the crunchy Rambutan Budak Sekolah, for instance); while the flesh of the yellow rambutan is usually very fibrous and sticks to the seed. But my absolute favourite is the sweet and sour orange coloured rambutan. Unfortunately, I’ve not come across this yet this year.

There were other produce as well.

Mango-family Buah Mambangan @ Esom

Mango-family Buah Mambangan @ Esom


This is Tampoi Belimbing with its beautiful dome shape and bright pinkish-orange colour. And of course, there was Durian, what we came here for. In fact, it’s what everybody came here to buy really.


We wasted no time in choosing our durian… or devouring them, as evidenced by this pic of manusia tidak berwajah and who shall remain nameless.


It was all in all a very successful trip. We were told by the Durian guy that the Pesta Buah would be extended to the end of the month. So if you’ve never been to inland Tutong, you should go visit Lamunin, if not for the fruit, perhaps for a rare taste of Kampung life and its charms.



3 responses

    • Hi PC, that pesta was in October last year some time, and it was in Lamunin, Brunei. I’m not aware of the event taking place this year actually, but it must have taken place earlier to coincide with the earlier fruit season this year (Jul/Aug).

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