Durian Dedahan

Absolutely one of my favourite types of Durian! It gets its name from how it grows along the low branches of its tree (“Dahan” meaning “branches”). Simply “Dedan” in Tutong.

Dedahan has a less pungent smell than the normal Durian kuning. In fact it’s got a sweeter smell, and the skin is an eye-catching bright yellow.


Just as brightly coloured is the flesh, which unlike other types of durian, peels easily off the seed. It doesn’t stick to your fingers and leave a mess, so is easier to eat. It is also less ‘custardy’ than the normal durian.


Dedahan really is a dessert durian owing to its very sweet taste. But that’s not the only edible part of the Dedahan, or all other durians for that matter. My parents would collect and boil the seeds, which when peeled, would give you a nice kampung style snack for munchies.


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    • Hi Lindsay. Sorry I missed your comment. I’ve had durian Kura-kura but it’s such a rare thing now. I remember watching in amazement durian fruit bunched just above the ground at the tree buttress. But that was ages ago, and that ‘jungle’ is now built up with many modern houses. And if I ever saw the durian kura-kura at the market, I don’t think I can now tell it apart.
      Have you found it since your comment?

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