Fishy Business

EEeeekkk!! Look at those eyes!!! Now you wouldn’t normally find me in the Fish area of the supermarket, but I stopped in my tracks last night when I caught a glimpse of these frozen Bug-eyed freaks. Mesmerised, no, bemused, I took a closer look and nearly pissed myself laughing when I saw the label “Big Eyes Fish”… kreatif sungguh!!

But upon even closer examination…

Big eyes fish

HAHA!! Now that’s what I call creativity! Ikan UJI RASHID!!

For those not in the know, Uji Rashid was a 70’s superstar who was famous for here manja voice and HUGE eyes… join the dots, guys….


Not sure what Uji Rashid feels about being referred to as a fish though…


8 responses

  1. eh haha nampak jua rah price sticker it’s SKH. but yea, last few times I bought those fish were at SKH. Don’t let the babus or ninis catch you looking at the fish..haha..or the “macamana bisai masaknya ni ah?” or “anu ni lai, nyaman ni kalau di (insert cooking method)” will start coming..which will then segue into something else unrelated..hehe

    • Owwh… bloody sticker!! I don’t eat fish, so it doesn’t bother me. Though perhaps the chatty Bu Hajahs might still get on my nerves…

  2. Yes, there is such a fish. My parents love ikan uji rashid di salai. and everytime we have it for lunch, mesti my mum will say, ‘tau kamu ikan apa ni? uji rashid ni pasal matanya basar…’ every single time…without fail….

    • Hi Shikin. No doubt there’s that fish. It’s just that not being a fish-eater I’m not on a first-name basis with too many fishes. Yang ani pun baru berkenalan… heh in any case, this is not the kind of fish you’d want coming round your window in the middle of the night!!

  3. LOL. ada2 saja ia ani. I spotted these at Giant months ago. Never really took notice of the eyes, so i thought it was just some random name they gave the fish like they give names to textiles for baju kurung (like tsunami and err.. mawi..) Why dont u eat fish?

    hmm u knw, Big Eyes Fish would be an excellent excellent name for a local band. mcm black eyed peas.

  4. Apparently they call this fish Uji Rashid in Malaysia as well!! Fish tastes fishy, that’s why I don’t eat it, and it also looks like a snake. I don’t friend snakes.

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