One fine morning

Last week, I was rolling and tossing around in bed but couldn’t sleep a wink. I had an early meeting to go to but cana tah jua, inda mau tido… at 4.30 am I was sat in front of the tv just flicking between channels and chatting to my cousin who was also wide awake – another night owl, thank God. But before we knew it, it was already close to 6 am and we decided it was breakfast time. Off we went to KK Koya restaurant in Telisai, featured here.

When we got there, it still wasn’t open yet, and there was no one else there who except one Pa’Aji we thought must have been a fan of early rising, the exact opposite of what we were.

Then there was that familiar clank of metal curtain doors being pushed open. A deafening but welcome noise at exactly 6.13 am.

So here’s what we had, upon my cuz’s recommendation- Teh tarik and Nasi Pulut (Sticky rice packets with sweet chilli anchovies) – which he claimed was ‘The best!’

3 pieces for a dollar, so we had 3 portions. And some Sweet Tapai to cap it off.

And that lonesome Pa’Aji – turned out that he was there early for good reason, he supplies the Nasi Pulut. Delicious!


6 responses

  1. That pulut does look delish! I’ve been having the rojak lately. I must try that, plus some pulut panggang, that’ll definitely put a smile on my face. You’re so lucky to have tasted the nasi pulut 😛

  2. Salam Bro… happy new year to you.

    All this while, I associate KKK with great rojak, didn’t know they also sell great pulu…. will try that later when I drive past otw to Bandar.

  3. Jimmy, so ure another rojak fan huh. Bah try tia other stuff, gotta be early though. I reckon by 8.30 pun abis dah kali the pulut.

    Tapi they may still have some later in the day, except it wouldnt be as fresh.

    Best in the new year!

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