Bingka Ubi at Restoran Putih

How crap was my last post?

Well, this morning on my last day of cuti from work, I had breakfast with my cousin and some friends at Restoran Putih, the reincarnation of now defunct Restoran Hj Asbullah. My last visit was within weeks of its relocation in April 2009. This will not be a restaurant review, but I was perhaps too early to write off the new restaurant, perhaps out of loyalty to the old legend. But this morning I was pleasantly surprised by a thriving business in the new location. I had underestimated the loyal patrons, so in true Bart Simpson style, I’ll eat my shorts. In fact, I learned that its clientele has been faithful, and that as early as 5.30 am the place is full of people who’ve come straight from Subuh prayers at the Masjid.

I clearly wasn’t one of them this morning. We came at 10, and were happy to see again the same trays of Kuih Melayu, Nasi bungkus, Kelupis and the famous Pulut panggang from the old cafe back in place. These are the same things the old faithfuls come here for.

But today my sweet of choice was this bingka ubi.

Well, technically that’s not the right name. I don’t know what it’s called really. I just know it has caramalised ubi kayu or tapioca as its base, and it’s topped with a pandan santan cream. Jia anyam!

Both my cousin and I share a thing for ubi. He, unfortunately, has it as a namesake.

As a kid, I loved it so much my mum told me to grow my own patch in the backyard. In the mean time I had to endure war stories and how they survived on the humble ubi.

When the time was right, we (the amah actually) would harvest the tubes and process them to make tumpi ubi or other kuih, or slice them and dry them out in the sun to make chips or kuripek. None we made at home was quite as exquisite as the one we had for breakfast tadi.

So in sum: Ubi, good. Restoran Putih, good. Give ’em both a go.


2 responses

  1. Pagi2 membaca ani, breakfast-related post tia jua.. i’m more of a savoury breakfast person, but one should always have room for sweets no? nyaman usul pandan creamnya..

    Anyhoots, on the subject of old faithfuls, loyal clientele can be so intimidating. It’s like being in a new place and people can so tell you’re from out of town. Semua lagi liat tu, geleng2 kepala when they hear you ordering the wrong things (rasa2han bah sebanarnya aku ani ah)..

    and ‘so in sum’: must go to Restoran Putih soon.

  2. ada savoury jua! The pulut panggang udang and daging, the kelupis udang and daging, nasi bungkus tahai, and those little rice sticks mcm pulut panggang but wrapped in coconut leaves kali. and of course some stuff u can order off the menu. personally i go there for the stuff you’ll find in the glass cabinet- sweet and savoury.

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