Pesek @ Udang Galah

Sungai Tutong is famous for its bounty, fish, udang siar, udang galah… biawak, buaya etc.

You just need to drive through the Tutong town waterfront to see so many people waiting patiently for a tug on their fishing line, friends, whole families, some even having a picnic – night or day.

I spent the afternoon today at a more secluded part of Sungai Tutong, upstream in Panchor Papan.

It’s a private jetty behind a friend’s house, which takes you away from the hustle and bustle of town (even for Tutong) and transports you into a world of peaceful quiet surrounded by Apong palm.

Patience is not my virtue, but it is my friends’.

And their patience pays.

These giant prawns are prized for their succulent meat and if cooked the right way, the “brain” or otak should permeate through the sauce, be it masak sambal, masak cili, masak tomato, or the simple soupy masak rabus.


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