Durian, again? Really?

As far as I remember it, Durian used to be only available around July-August time. I remember this well because I lived in the UK for nearly half my life, and my mum used to say on the phone to come back early during my summer break supaya ampit buah durian. By August, you’d be left with slim pickings, really.

But how is it possible now that you can still get Durian in February??

I just had some in the kitchen just now, like, 5 minutes ago.

I had durian dedahan and durian kuning.

But it simply felt somewhat “strange” eating a seasonal fruit out of season! It’s the same feeling I get when eating sotong tutok at any time outside of the Sultan’s birthday celebrations. Or even like having Christmas pudding in summer. So conflicted I was that I could only manage two slices, a great show of restraint on my part- certainly not an easy feat when it comes to the irresistable big stink. Hmm, maybe I’ll need some time to understand it.

Incidentally, I was in Ulu Belalong earlier this week. And during lunch one day, I saw a lone rambutan fruit in the rambutan tree nearby. Perhaps a leftover from the season, but surely the season ended around September.

Could it be that climate change is messing with the “brains” of these trees?? Is it making them ‘think” “ooh it’s fruit season now, let’s make babies” when it’s not? Another August13th-ism there.


4 responses

  1. If the durians were around last month, does that mean there would be no durian babies in July/ August? My plan to go back to Brunei this August is largely pasal nda ampit durian last year 🙂

  2. Ia tah tu… but usually ada plg in july august. I remember them being sold at perayaan padang, but at no other times, but now mcm continuous saja. Tapi kurang sudah now. Masa ani sibuk bubuk.

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