Tapai Tutong

I’ve written about this before, but during one of my outings recently I found this:

Yes, the sweet tapai – but in two different fashions. The one wrapped in yellow palm leaf triangles is what you’ll often find in restaurants or foodstalls across the country. The other one is less common- but is actually how tapai is prepared in Tutong. The rice is mixed with “laru” and wrapped in “Jengeng” (Simpur) leaves. Not such a big deal of course, but this was the first time I’ve seen a restaurant serving the two types of tapai on the same plate even.

I like my tapai really juicy, and served ice cold. Stick it in the fridge and you’ll see what I mean.


7 responses

  1. is it really specific to Tutong? pasal tutong kaya daun jenging kali..hehe…

    aku ani inda pandai makan tapai..when i was a kid, i refused to eat them pasal takut mabuk.

  2. I remember a few aunties telling me that, so kalau they tipu, I tipu too.

    as for the mabuk, i think it’s the same rule as no durian and manggis or coke at the same time. I suppose it’s to avoid a massive Sugar rush- which is the ‘mabuk’ part. my theory. never heard about that ‘bejamur’ bit tho. Kalau bejamur, it will heat up ur body and the reaction inside ur body will bloat u up like a balloon and you explode into smithereens… kali lah. entah.

  3. hello august 13th.. im a fan of tapai too.. and when i crave for it i’ll go to the kadai runcit near the JKR building in Tutong.. they sell a nice juicy tapai there.. usually kalau patang2 abis sdh tu.hehe im not sure if you ever tasted the tapai there tho.. hehe nice blog btw šŸ™‚

  4. Hi Mumui. Thanks for dropping in. I’ll try the tapai u mention jual di Serambangun atu. Last tapai I had was from Tamu Tutong (which will be on tomorrow incidentally). Keep visiting here, and share information with us. Cheers šŸ™‚

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