Bubuk Season

“Bubuk” or “jut” in Tutong is back!

I’d meant to write about it last year, but I was too engrossed stuffing my face with it, amongst others, and completely forgot until they’d disappeared off the shores of Tutong.

Bubuk is “Krill” in English. You can find the scientific crap here .
Whales, which simply open their mouths and let the unwitting tiny shrimps swim happily into their gobs and to marine heaven. So, apart from our body shapes, another common thing I share with whales is our love for bubok.

Bubok is scooped out of the sea using fine nets in a process called ‘menyadak’. I tried it once as a kid. What you do is wait for a swarm of these krills to swim close to shore, which will become evident in a very red tide (not to be confused with the dangerous real red tide that’s a sea of iron-rich algae, which I won’t pretend I know much about). You scoop against the direction of the swarm, but bewarned- the bubuk actually jump in and out of the water and when you’re in the middle of a swarm, you get a pins-and-needles sensation – not pleasant.

So, perhaps it’s best to leave the harvesting to the experts, and sit your fat bum round the dinner table and enjoy this, Bubuk goreng or “Jut beukau” … lemme see… “sauteed krill”??

Anyway, this is simply fresh bubuk sauteed over high fire, with a bit of oil, bawang merah/ shallots, garlic, and chilli. If the bubuk is really fresh, you won’t need salt, as the natural juices of the bubuk will ooze flavour.

You can eat it with rice, but here’s how we eat it at home, as an ulam filling. Simply use any raw leaf ulam e.g. pegaga, daun sawi padas (mustard leaves), or even lettuce or cabbage.

I prefer Pucuk Mambangan, the very wangi and flavoursome leaves of the buah/ pohon Mambangan, a member of the Mango family (too lazy to find the scientific info- go google it).

In fact, I wrap my bubuk goreng with both Mambangan shoots and Pegaga- as I do my cincalu- but that’s a different post altogether.

How do you like your bubuk?


6 responses

  1. saya suka cucur jut. i could finish a big bowl in one sitting. Oooooh and lalap dipped in cincalu.

    kalau kan harvest jut, turun ke air pakai kain saja…hehe..tesangkut jua sedikit tu kali..

    p/s: siuk jua your household ah..you get to eat a lot of different stuff..

    • Cucur jut is nice. But i love cincalu with loads of kasturi and bawang merah and cili. i can eat rice just macamatu. kambangliur eh.

      Apparently there are sharks that follow the swarm of jut. So beware when you go menyadak, make sure your nets are strong enough to catch sharks – i recall they were very tasty kalau bepanggang and dipped in cacah kicap limau. This was when I was fish-friendly.

      Yes, when you’ve got 74 year old parents who eat all this stuff, every meal with them is like an school trip.

  2. I have non-drowsy anti-histamines from Boots, if you want. Stuff ur face with all the bubuk in the world and not get a reaction – but perhaps darah tinggi saja sal tinggi caloriesnya.

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