Mei Fang

This post is dedicated to Jennie who asked about the best pulut panggang in Tutong, and I answered Mei Fang’s and Hj As’ (or Putih’s now).

This is a cheat though, coz I’m not writing about the pulut panggang itself, as I don’t have it’s pics, but just of the restaurant- one of the three legendary kedai kopi in downtown Tutong, on the riverfront.

The place opens early for breakfast, and offers traditional fares- with a Chinese twist perhaps – this is a Chinese restaurant after all- but all halal.

The wooden signboard above, which appears handpainted, seems to have been there right from when it first opened in the 50s (I dont have proof of this) is a reminder of its long history. It remains a very popular not-air-conditioned original meeting spot, but would appear to be a boys’ club in town. But nice people and tasty food all around (try the kuetiaw).

Sorry, this is a lazy post- the place was closed when we were there. (will write about the actual food next time).


One response

  1. … although, upon closer examination, the signboard cannot be from the 50s because it’s got SPRITE on it- which was a drink of the 80s? – but the board does have that seasoned look.

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