The Ais Batu Campur.

A classic dessert.

Shaved ice.

Red beans.


Red rose jello.

Black cincau jello.


Red syrup/ Gula anau syrup (prefered).


Watak di sini hanyalah rekaan semata-mata dan tiada hubungkait dengan yang hidup maupun yang mati.

The misai and janggut are also optional.

But the ABC is not exclusive to Brunei, I’ve been to Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore etc and have seen or had the local versions.

These ones I had in Jakarta. In one sitting.

This one's got huge beans and black syrup.

This one had Alpukat/ Avocado and syrup.

I would’ve liked creamed avocado with some chewy pieces strewn in. Next time.

Some restaurants throw in cocktail fruit pieces, but me no likey. The tang just contrasts with the sweet too much for my liking. But each to their own. You go have your crappy ABC with crappy canned fruit cocktail if you want.

But I’ve been told of a recent import from Taiwan, the Snow Ice. Must try that next time after one of my runs up the hills of Bukit Ambuk.


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