Buah Mabulo

Some time last year my dad brought home some fruit apparently more common in the Philippines, hence it’s name ‘Mabulo’ – a reference to its peachy fuzzy exterior which is ‘bebulu’ in our language. Took some pics, but as with the ones I took of many other food and fruit, they’re left forgotten in the universe that is my laptop.

But a recent comment by Peace on my Buah Mentega post from last year reminded me of the ‘Mabulo’.

And Peace has kindly given a link to a Berita Harian post on the Buah Mentega.

But the pic in the Berita Harian page actually looks like this Mabulo fruit – what do you guys think?

It’s about the size of my palm.

The fruit is soft, and creamy white in colour, and is sweet tasting – just the way Peace described it.

So I don’t know ~ I’m sure we’re talking about the same fruit here, but the question is, what is it called actually?

My dad said the ‘Buah Mentega’ in my original post was called so because of its texture which is much softer or silkier than the flesh of this ‘Mabulo’- as well as its yellow flesh (it’s orange actually), just like butter.

The two are definitely different fruit, for sure, but the similar shapes and seeds suggests they could be related in an “uncle-nephew” kinda way…HA! “anak buah”/ “baby fruit” – Geddit? No? Not a fan of lame jokes..? *sigh*

Whatever they’re called, both are delicious.

And Maurina, we have neon-coloured plates too.


5 responses

  1. It is interesting. I’ve never seen mabolo of this colour! The are the brownish-red hairy ones with or without seed, rather dry and mealy. Then there are the juicy,seedless orange flesh ones with a red slightly hairy skin. But a yellow one is something new to me.
    However, the shape,size and texture is like a mabolo.

  2. Yes, Frank, it’s got me interested as well. I’ve not seen any other kinds of Mabolo, if indeed that’s what this fruit is. Do you know where they’re from?

  3. When I was in Jose Rizal Park, this buah gugur arah kepala ony! 😐 I took the picture of the half smashed fruit though pasal masa atu inda tau apa nama nya. Now I know!

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